Gift List Creator

Gift List

You can now create your gift list online with William Turner.

It’s very simple to do and once you have created your list you can simply send out the link to your friends and family. The extra benefit is that any gift list items paid for by the people you send it to are not charged anything for delivery.

Here’s what to do:

Step 1

Browse through our products and select “add to gift list”

“Tip – build up a complete set by browsing through single items, this will enable your friends and family to purchase one or more of your items and won’t restrict those with smaller budgets from buying your gift”

Step 2

Select the “continue shopping” button on the Gift List page

“Tip – Please note that once you have saved your gift list you will not be able to add any more items to it.”

Step 3

Once you have finished adding items, save your Gift List, enter your name, email address and a unique name for the list.

“Tip – keep your unique name simple and memorable”

Step 4

Copy and paste your unique web address for your list into an email or onto your invitations and send it out to all of your guests.

“Tip – In the current economic climate, remind your guests that you’d be delighted with single item purchases”

What happens next?

Once you have created your list and sent it out, you will be delighted to know that your job now is to sit back and relax……Well, a little at least!

Every time a purchase is made from your list you will be notified by email.

The products purchased from our site are then collated and sent to you when you when the list has been closed.