Buy British

Buy British

It is a sad fact the there has been a decline in UK manufacturing.  This isn’t something that has happened quickly, it has happened over many years.  The decline of the industrial sectors (particularly in the North of England) has lead to many skills being lost.  This is a great shame.  This great country has led the way for generations when it comes to the best products and the best quality.  The city of Sheffield has been synonymous with the cutlery industry for hundreds of years.  Now we see cheap imports flooding the market, often of shoddy quality and made under poor conditions for the workers who make them.

We want this to stop.  This industy is not dead.  William Turner cutlery is still made in Sheffield and we can’t see that changing.  Be aware though that the other high street brands selling the same designs as us are not actually selling the same product at all.  They have had the designs made up in China and shipped here.  The blanks from which the cutlery are made are of lower quality materials.  They are not hand finished and inspected and do not deserve the right to bear the label ‘Made in Britain’ – however, because they are packaged here, that is exactly what they do.

So let us start a revolution, during these hard times, let us do all we can to promote British Industry, with quality at the forefront of all we do.

You can do your part.  Don’t buy simply on price (although these ‘foreign’ imports are often more expensive anyway!), buy on quality and value.  Remember, you get what you pay for.  Show your pride in our great nation, and help keep alive what could and should be a vibrant industry with a long tradition of excellence.

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